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Residential Collection

Garbage Collection

Since 1966, San Juan Sanitation has offered convenient, affordable curbside pickup of your garbage and recycling.  We offer a variety of service levels to fit the needs of any household.  We serve almost all roads and private drives in the county.  We can provide you with curbside service for the same price OR LESS than self-haul, so you can save the time, money, and bother of hauling your own garbage.

Residential Can Service

Collection is available on San Juan, Orcas, Lopez and Shaw Islands


Monthly Recycling Collection Included!

Each garbage customer is automatically enrolled in our RECYCLING COLLECTION PROGRAM. The $11 fee covers the first (2) 32 gallon cans of co-mingled recycling. Collection occurs once per month on your normal garbage pickup day. Check the Recycling Calendar to see your recycling day.


Additional Charges

  • Occasional extra garbage can $8.42 per can

  • Each additional recycling can $3.00 per can 

  • Overweight can: $2.78 per can

  • Oversized Cans $5.43 per can

San Juan Sanitation also offers dumpster pickup of your garbage and recycling.  We have a variety of service levels to meet the needs of businesses, multi-family complexes, vacation rentals and homes. Let us show you how to save time and money with the convenience of commercial dumpster service!

Garbage Dumpsters 
Collection is available on San Juan, Orcas, Lopez and Shaw Islands.
Additional Charges
  • Delivery of Container: $16.00

  • Optional - Lid Lock: $22.50 

  • Overfull Charge: $7.56 per 32 gallons (or fraction of)

  • Roll-out Charge: $2.50 per pickup - Pushing dumpster over 5 feet

  • Compacted Rate (exceeding maximum weight allowance)*

Dumpster Placement
Garbage dumpsters must be placed on a hard level surface. The driver should be able to roll the dumpster in order to latch the container to the truck for tipping. Your driver can help identify a safe location, free of loose gravel, mud or debris for temporary or permanent placement of you container.

Definition of Compacted Dumpsters:

*Material which has been compressed by any mechanical device or external pressure either before or after it is placed in the receptacle handled by the collector.  For rate setting, compacted material is also considered to be containers with a large percentage of sheetrock, asphalt roofing, dirt, rock, exceptionally heavy materials, water or wet kitchen waste.  A large percentage is defined as 50% or more of the total container volume as determined by driver’s visual inspection.  We will not charge extra dumps for overweight containers.  We will charge them as compacted.  Compacted Rates:  1 Yard Container $72.38, 1 1/2 Yard Container $110.84, 2 Yard Container $140.17. The corresponding weight limits are:  1 Yard (200 lbs), 1 1/2 Yard (300 lbs),  2 Yard (400 lbs).   

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