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Soil & Soil-Amendments




We Stock Mulch, Compost, Soil & Bark!

Whether you're starting a new garden or rejuvinating an existing one we can help!

Call for delivery or arrange to stop by our yard.

Nutra Mulch

$97 per cubic yard

Well aged compost blend. Excellent soil conditioner or slow release top-dressing.

Blended at Sunland Topsoils. Equal parts:

  • Chicken Compost

  • Mulch n Grow

  • Garden Mulch (ground & composted wood mulch from Bellingham)

Vegetable Compost

$80 per cubic yard

Great Additive to an existing garden or bed. Used as an amendment to existing soil to add nutrients and organisms to revitalize soil. An organic substitute for artificial fertilizer. Blended at Skagit Soils. 

  • 50% Municipal Yard Debris From Skagit County

  • 25% Native Soil From Skagit Valley

  • 25% Sandy Loam

3-Way Soil Blend

$105 per cubic yard

A screened 3-way soil mix great for new lawns, trees, shrubs, flower, vegetable gardens and more. Blended at Skagit Soils.

  • Topsoil

  • Sand

  • Compost

A-Mix Enhanced Soil Blend

$110 per cubic yard

Starting from scratch? Our enhanced soil blend is great for areas that have clay or rock. Use this blend when building raised beds or as an amendment if you have issues with poor drainage. Blended at Sunland Top Soils. Great for lawns!

  • 60% Sandy loam base

  • 40% Chicken Compost & LaConner Compost Blend

Medium Fir Bark

$72 per cubic yard

Traditional decorative top layer. Unlike cedar, will not harm plants. Helps soil retain moisture and looks great!

Call for delivery or pick up at our yard

(360) 376-4717

279 Gravel Pit Rd
Eastsound, WA 98245

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